World Exchange Hub brings together producers, participating companies, and attendees to increase engagement, to simplify their event experience, and to deliver positive ROI. 

World Exchange Hub (WEH) is on a quest to help global organizations produce virtual trade events, virtual seminars, and virtual conferences seamlessly and naturally. 


At World Exchange Hub, we are not just creating an easy-to-navigate experience, but we are aiming to boost your company and product awareness by incorporating innovative features that go beyond the traditional event settings. 

We are developing a global marketplace community where products are searchable during and after the event has ended. 

Our engagement tools empower participants to socialize, connect, and purchase your products. We envision shortened sales cycles for everyone joining WEH. 


The transformation in the event industry is rapidly adapting to our style of life, where our favorite category browser has become Netflix and video is our preferred method of learning. Now you can RSVP your sales meetings and use immediate collaboration tools and purchase products on WEH, your Virtual Marketplace. 

The first solutions that deliver the full 360 experience in the market, working cleverly in real-time. Our wide-ranging solution adapts to the live event experience simulating a virtual companion that keeps participants engaged and on task about seminars, workshops, companies, and products. 

The power of instantly networking and collaborating with others at the live event but doing so virtually. The ability to tag products and documents to your own profile E-Bag. Flexibility to access the event depository library to catch up on seminars or workshops delivered at your own time. 

Our many partnerships and connectivity to other commonly known APIs will maximize your experience and will increase your accessibility to analytics, CRM, video communication solutions, and many others. 


WEH Community engagement format helps thousands of attendees to learn, collaborate, and get inspired. Business owners experienced a shorter sales process with our forthcoming award-winning solution. Live and virtual event attendees have experienced the collaboration capability recreating the fun interaction of both worlds. 


Our leadership team, partners with small business owners and Chambers of Commerce to mitigate their obstacles and augment our solutions to their needs. We are collaborators and influencers of the power of small businesses around the world. Our experienced group has witnessed and taken startups to full-grown enterprises and we would love to be your contributors to your storytelling.