How does it work?

Are you planning an online conference, trade show, job fair, or a brand launch? 

If your answer is yes, or you’re thinking about it, let us introduce ourselves!  

At World Exchange Hub, we have simplified the steps for Event Organizers, Participating Organizations, and Attendees.  Our expandable, worldwide –24/7 cloud-based platforms, allow you to build your event, manage relationships, facilitate attendees’ experience, and measure your event’s results.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3; 

Event Organizers build an account, launch their branded event, select scalable booth types and seminar options, and invite their partner organizations to make their booths all within 5 minutes. Information Needed to Complete Event

Participating Exhibitors sign into their branded event page and start customizing their booth, or they can select from a library of templates, upload documents, videos and set up communication types, chat, or video conference simply. 

Attendees register and sign into the online event; select their navigation preference and start visiting booths. They may participate in workshops, network with industry experts, set up meetings, participate in raffles, and collect information on their event e-bag, from the flexibility of any device, laptop, tablet, or cell phones.

World Exchange Hub simplifies the participant experience and promotes the exchange of interactions between vendors, industry experts, and attendees while analyzing measurable event information that is downloadable to most common CRM tools. 

Whether you are trying to customize your online trade, or you are adding online participants to your live event, World Exchange Hub can improve your participant experience instantly and on budget. Log in today and make your online event a superb experience.